CDG’s team of asset managers, along with the property management staff, have significant experience in managing all types of challenged properties. At the present time, CDG is managing approx. 2,000,000 sf of retail, commercial and residential space. Upon selection, CDG will immediately evaluate the property, and based on its distinct approach as an owner, will develop a comprehensive property management plan that would improve the long-term valuation of the property. The following is a list of customary tasks generally performed by CDG, as part of its initial evaluation of the property’s management scope:
  • Review all service contracts, and levels, make recommendations for changes where necessary.
  • Review the payment schedules of all vendors especially utilities, HVAC Systems, and cleaning.
  • Implement both a standard and emergency response system to ensure CDG personnel (including the project Executives) are reachable 24 hours a day.
  • Contact the previous owner, municipal building officials, architects and contractors in order to assemble all construction and operations information available.
  • Review all mechanical, electrical and safety systems to ensure compliance with basic safety standards, critical for emergency cases (when emergency cases arise).
  • Create a preventive maintenance schedule for all work required to the building and equipment, in order to avoid major failures and expense in the future.
  • Establish and maintain a preventive maintenance schedule for all equipment, especially HVAC and safety
    equipment. CDG will review specifications and keep a maintenance log to ensure compliance with specifications.
Review the building’s energy management system and make recommendations for improvements. Energy management must be an on-going process to ensure the lowest possible cost for what is the building’s greatest single expense.